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Among Rampage

About Among Rampage

Among Rampage is a spaceship experience game. A thrilling trip into space to see what lies above and beyond the Earth has been promised to you.

The spaceship in Among Rampage is dark and full of horror. You've been promised an exciting space vacation where you can explore what's above and beyond Earth. Looks like you've been tricked by a scammer who is actually a secret killer. They've been here with us all this time, but now it's just the impostor and you. How long do you think you can live on this spaceship rife with nightmarish dangers?

There are enough traps here, from rockets to lasers, to destroy entire spacecraft, if they are not completely destroyed. No one is left behind to die with you. The impostor is annoyed because you are the only one alive. The impostor has erected some dangerous barriers to force you to interact with other passengers. Your goal is to outwit the cunning monster and endure as long as possible.

You can use the mouse to play. When there are lasers that can tear you apart or rockets that can't leave you behind, use the little rockets you've discovered to fly. The spaceship also has some useful items hidden inside it. While on the run, try to collect all the gold of the impostor to unlock new skins. Don't forget to get extra lives and magnets!

How to play

To play this game you can use the mouse.


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