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Autocross Madness

About Autocross Madness

Autocross Madness is a thrilling racing arcade game with divine cars in which the player has to overcome difficult steep terrains.

The exhilarating racing action of Autocross Madness, available as a free online game, can be enjoyed by everyone. It's time to hit the floor so you can fully experience the wonderful music that weaves its way down the steep roads. You will need to give everything you have if you want to take first place in this tournament. If you're ready to show off your talent, the race will start as soon as you tap the play button on the home screen. If you are not ready to show off your skills, the race will continue.

In each race you will compete with an AI opponent and your goal is to win the race. There will be 10 separate competitions, each with a different starting line and a different finish line. You claim that you're prepared, but you're not really there yet, are you? Don't delay becoming a member of Autocross Madness, or you risk missing out on some great events. How dare you ride a muscle car up those stony rocks! Doesn't sound like a great plan... But it's actually super fun! The mechanics of the cars will make the controls in the game simple, but they will be difficult to master.

The game has a large number of levels, many of which can be strategically exploited by the player to progress through the game's levels more quickly.
You need to maintain your focus. The player's ability to use math is still challenged by matching balls with different numbers according to the level invitation. This is done to complete the level.
Players use more props with greater ability to clear the board faster, continuously produce more and harvest rewards with extremely high kill rates.

The amount of time behind the wheel is unlimited. Vehicles are capable of achieving higher acceleration when fueled with nitro. You need to increase your speed on the road as controlled as possible in order to take full advantage of this opportunity.

It has extremely realistic racing scenes and all the scenes in the game are depicted in 3D
It has the highest definition game picture quality for all players and it perfectly restores the real racing scene.
It has all the scenes in the game depicted in 3D

To participate in this game you must use the mouse


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