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Death Driver

About Death Driver

Death Driver is a game where you can take on missions, play as a fighting hero and drive fast to stop the impending apocalypse.

Are you ready for the journey with Death Driver?
You are equipped with a large vehicle to conquer the highways. There is a musty smell coming from the floor. You may be moving very fast towards your goals. However, watch out for your boldness and make sure you're taking responsibility for your environment. Along the way, zombies will be waiting for you to encounter them. Drive on each one while avoiding leaving any traces. If you've prepared for this zombie adventure and the game has already begun, you should go ahead and join in.

A bomb is being dropped on you by a helicopter that is chasing you and trying to kill you. Avoiding those explosives will allow you to get to the right wrecked car. If a bomb explodes near or the vehicle overturns, the game is over and the player loses. You can unlock new and improved vehicles if you do well on the track and collect stars.

As you navigate this post-apocalyptic landscape in your deadly vehicle, your goal is to hunt down and kill as many zombies as possible. Collecting stars will unlock additional vehicles and weapons, so you'll need to avoid obstacles as you bounce. Completing missions and upgrading your car will allow you to go faster on the track and gain more points. In this post-apocalyptic video game, you will have to survive the harsh conditions of the desert, night and rain.

Once you've finished playing this challenging game, you should move on and never look back! Now you are being chased by helicopters, which are shooting at you. You will enter an area inhabited by the dead. The trip will take some time. During this exhilarating journey, your goal is to maintain control of your vehicle for as long as possible and achieve a high score. The rivalry begins when your opponent tries to eliminate you.

This game has quite simple gameplay, you just need to use the left mouse button to control your own car


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