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Drift Car Extreme Simulator

About Drift Car Extreme Simulator

Car Extreme Simulator is a game you can play in many other settings, race against other players' cars, drive in freestyle or complete objectives.

The game gives you the option to play in one of three different modes. The first option is the free-drive mode, where you are not required to complete any timed objectives or missions. In this mode you can accumulate some drift points to earn some cash. The second mode is mission mode, and to win cash in this mode you have to do some predefined missions before time runs out.

Finally, you will be able to demonstrate your strength by competing in races and finishing first. Using the coins you earn, you can unlock new and more impressive vehicles. In addition, you are allowed unlimited free color options when personalizing your car.

You need to play this game if you are a person who likes driving games. When you go as fast as you can in the game, you get the thrill that comes with it. After a hard and stressful day, how about we click on the game to relax?

Drift car extreme simulator includes the following features:
Images in three-dimensional space
Complete missions to get more coins
Earn money to get access to new cars.
Requires great control

To control the car, use the arrow keys on your keyboard.


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