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Leap Parking

About Leap Parking

Leap Parking is an exciting car shooting game in which your mission is to aim and shoot a car to the destination to complete a level while collecting stars.

Welcome to the exciting game called Leap Parking! In this game, you will not park the car normally but shoot the car to the place where it needs to be. Normally, you usually drive the car slowly to the destination, right? However, now let's join a game that will give you a new way of parking.

Aim and shoot the car to the right destination. You need to press and hold the left mouse button to generate force. Drag the mouse in the direction you want to shoot. The further you pull, the more force you use to shoot. Aim accurately and use the right force to shoot. You can shoot multiple times before hitting the target point. If you have touched the destination point, the game will be over in 3 seconds. Remember to collect stars to get higher scores. Collecting stars also help you earn gold coins to upgrade and buy new cars with elements like Impact Force, Armor, and Gasolin.

There are many levels with different maps. Each map will have a destination at a unique location. Moreover, you also see the appearance of other means to hinder you. Let's overcome it and conquer as many levels as possible.

Controls in Leap Parking

  • Press and hold the mouse left button to aim and adjust the force
  • Release it  to shoot

Features of Leap Parking

  • Attractive gameplay and easy control
  • Many different levels
  • Cool graphics and effects


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