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Madalin Stunt Cars

About Madalin Stunt Cars

Madalin Stunt Cars is an entertaining driving game developed by Madalin Games. Experience a super realistic driving simulation on our freedom playing field. 

Let's start Madalin Stunt Cars to enjoy entertainment and joy. This game is designed to create a freedom car driving field for all people. All ages can play this game to release stress or relax in their free time. This game is developed by Madalin Games and is available on both PC and mobile. You can access Madalin Stunt Cars on our website easily. Are you ready to join in the realistic driving game? 

No Rules and No Missions for you to play

Do you know what the most interesting thing is? You can experience most of these activities in the virtual world we provide. In this game, you have no mission. You are completely free in this miniature driving world and all you need to do is use the arrow keys to control your car and explore the world around you. It is simple to play! 

Easy Controls

  • Use the up arrow key to move forward. 
  • Use the down arrow key to brake. 
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move sideways.
  •  If you want to use nitro, press the Shift key. 
  • Press the R key to restart the car's position.

The Unexpected Joys that Madalin Stunt Cars game brings

Free driving will help you have moments of relaxation. Now, driving is gradually becoming one of the most loved sports. Luxury cars are an attraction of this sport. Driving a car you desire is already a comfort. Moreover, you can also perform a variety of activities with this vehicle. You can drive and enjoy the view. You can go to your favorite places.

In addition, in your play area, there will be many different terrains for you to enjoy artistic driving. These tracks include highways, cottages, gardens, dirt roads, concrete roads, slides, and even obstacles. There are flat highways, and rough hills and the gardens are full of trees. Each terrain has a unique characteristic. Many of these features are difficult to experience in the real world. Different terrains will give you different experiences. Do you want to somersault on the slides or run at full speed on the highway? Do you want to crash everything on the track or drive slowly to enjoy the view? Everything is possible in this game.

Moreover, our website offers you a simulation game to enjoy intriguing and exciting gameplay. Virtual reality adventures that are surprisingly real. When you enjoy this game, you seem to immerse yourself in the game world itself. Things happen like in reality.

New Features Launched

Vehicle Design in Your Own Way


One interesting feature of this driving game is the vehicle design. There are various types of cars and each car has a new and unique appearance. There are more than 35 different cars. You can see some significant vehicles such as Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Enzo, Pagani Zonda, Koeniskegg Agera and McLaren 650S.

Besides that, you can design and match many different colors for your car to create a special vehicle. You can adjust 3 basic tones on the car including red, green, and purple. Adjust the density to find your favorite color! Besides that, the game also provides available colors for you to choose from.

Diverse Backgrounds


Furthermore, you can select the background and playing field for the driving trip. Madalin Stunt Cars bring you 3 basic environments while you can change the background color for environments. The background color is varied, so choose the color you think looks best.

Change the Game Mode to Suit your Playstyle

In this game, 2 game modes are available. Do you like single mode or multiplayer mode? Each mode brings different excitement. In single mode, you can comfortably and freely run on your own paths and enjoy the views that only you can see. Madalin Stunt Cars multiplayer mode is also available. Unlike the single mode, in this mode, you can create new rooms or join existing ones to race with other online players or do all you want with your car. Invite your friends to participate in fascinating races!

Some Questions You Can Be Interested In 

How many cars are in the Madalin Stunt Cars game?

There are over 35 cars for you to select. You can see some outstanding cars like Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Enzo, Pagani Zonda, Koenigsegg Agera, and McLaren 650S. In addition, you can change and design colors for your vehicles. It will create a unique car based on your interest.

Who made Madalin Stunt Cars?

Madalin Stunt Cars is developed by Madalin Games. This game is launched in 2015 and it quickly becomes one of the most popular games. 

Is there a Madalin Stunt Cars 2 and 3?

Madalin Stunt Cars 2 and 3 will be released in the future. Although it is impossible to say in advance, the new versions are being researched and developed by the publisher. You can stay up to date with the latest versions on our website.


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