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Slope Ball

About Slope Ball

Slope Ball is a game where you can use a ball to rescue the mascot in the game with many planets and mascots to escape the obstacles and reach the finish line

With left mouse button, up arrow key or spacebar, you can move your character. With just one button, this game is very simple to play. However, the game is never simple. In this game, you will experience interesting encounters. Spikes, pits, animated hazards, saw blades and other hazards will stand in your way. Other barriers are immobile, but there are also dynamic threats. These challenges continue to get bigger. When these challenges appear out of nowhere, you must maintain your composure. Obstacles appear and disappear as they pass as night approaches.

T-Rex, Giant Snake Titanoboa, Flying Monster Quetzalcoatlus, Fierce Bear Megatherium and Shark Megalodon are among the Dark Planet mascots that need to be saved by your ball. Today, evil is at war in the world. This poor planet is destroyed by the mascot, who appears as a monster. To return diamonds, locate them.

This game will take you on thrilling adventures with Ball character, just like 3D Rolling Ball game. But this game will take you to another world with 11 original adventure levels. There are difficulties at every level. With each level, the difficulty increases. Difficulty in solving problems increases.

You can also use other objects to overcome obstacles. support for jumping on the pillow. Jumping into the air is not a natural activity, despite the fact that hoops or balls can be helpful. To make the second leap, you have to click again. They will be needed to navigate the large spikes. You need to use these with caution. which may not be required. When arranging objects, care must be taken. You can use this item if there is an arrow. Skip this section if there is an X. You must also comply with the rules of the game.

There are 7 characters and 7 portals in this game. You can change into ball, ship, cube, alien, robot, wave and spiderman, among other characters. Each of these people moves differently.

Rolling the ball causes the ball's form to change. The slope of the map determines how the ball rolls automatically. The ball will stop after spinning in the air when you jump up.

The character train departs without delay. Had to press the control button for it to take off. You press the control button, and the spaceship tilts, then plunges.
The cube rotates while performing jumps in the air, but still glides down the steep slopes of the terrain. Depending on the height of the jump, the cube will fall at an angle of 180° or 360°.
Chinese characters move similar to how alien characters do. UFOs, on the other hand, have the ability to float on their own.
The Robot character is comparable to the Cube character in terms of thinking before acting. Without it, there would be no jumper jack.
Waves are formed by zigzag waves. Pressing the control button will cause this character to go in another direction.
When moving autonomously, the Spider figure moves in a manner similar to a Cube.
They can be seen walking out of the same portal. They can be identified by the color of their site.

Orange, yellow, and light blue make up the gate of the UFO Gate.
White robot gate
Crimson Spider Gate
Pink port
Door handle: orange
Doorway: green


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