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Police Endless Car

About Police Endless Car

Police Endless Car is a thrilling endless car driving game in which you need to control your car to avoid obstacles, collect coins and run as far as possible.

What did you do? You are chased by the police due to some mistake. However, you think you are not wrong and you do not accept it. Therefore, you ran away. Make sure the police car won't reach you! This game has classic graphics. There are many vibrant colors, but there is a blackness that is covering everything. Looks like it's because you're being chased by the police. Every scene also becomes darker.

Complete tasks to get the highest score

This game is an endless race between you and the police car. Like the Madalin Stunt Cars game, you will have endless time to enjoy the game. However, in Madalin Stunt Cars, you don't have to worry about accidents or obstacles. Police Endless Car is the opposite. You will have to avoid the obstacles. If you collide with the obstacles, the police will catch up with you. The game will end.

Along the way, you will face many different obstacles such as cars, trucks, barriers, or pits. These obstacles all cause you to stop the game. Therefore, stay away from them. You have two options for doing this. You can move to the next lane or jump over them. However, there are circumstances that force you to jump over. For example, you have to jump over barriers when they block your way.

In addition, you will have to turn left or right when meeting turns, normal races only require you to run forward. This game has been upgraded with side turn mode. Turning to either side is not as easy as you think. It is very easy to make mistakes at these turns.

This game is endless so run as far as you can and get the highest score possible. 

Rewards and Power-ups 

You can collect gold coins. The coins are placed all over the way. Collect as many coins as possible. Use them to buy new cars and buy power-ups. Each car has a different design and features. You can immediately see their differences based on color and pattern. Besides, the indicators about the vehicle are also different. You should pay attention to the life, jump, and speed of the car. The higher the stats, the higher their cost.

4 power-ups are waiting for you to unlock. You can purchase Double Coin, Coin Magnet, Invincibility, and Speed Boost. Besides, you can also collect power-ups on the track. You can collect shields to ensure safety even in the event of a collision or a speed booster to stay away from the car next to you.

Controls of Police Endless Car 

You can experience attractive gameplay and easy control, so this driving game is suitable for all ages. Your car will run automatically. You just need to use the left and right arrow keys to navigate and the spacebar to jump. Let’s press the start button to participate in the exciting races while enjoying the beautiful landscape.


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