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Desert Car Racing

About Desert Car Racing

Desert Car Racing is an exciting racing game. Get ready to race with the other 2 cars and try your best to be the first driver to cross the finish line.

Are you ready to participate in the car race in the desert? Exciting races take place in the desert. When it comes to desserts, you immediately think of vast sandy areas. However, in this racing game, the desert is more than that. In addition to the sand areas, you will still see the appearance of mortars, cliffs, and forests. Different terrains create different challenges.

Features of Desert Car Racing

  • 10 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty
  • Many cool cars
  • Different camera views
  • Stunning 3D visuals and vibrant  music tunes

Desert Car Racing and other driving games 

This game is often compared to the 2D Dark Racing game. These two games are racing games with a theme. 2D Dark Racing has a dark theme while Desert Car Racing has a desert theme. Each theme has its own characteristics.

Besides, the comparison also comes to free-ride games like Madalin Stunt Cars. For example, in Madalin Stunt Cars, you will participate in freestyle driving. Control your car to move and explore the whole map. However, in this Desert Car Racing game, you will have to compete for first place. There is a controversy between these two driving genres. Which genre will bring you more interesting experiences? The answer is not from the developer or our website. It depends on you who directly experiences them. Let us know your opinion below in the comments section. Thank you!

How to play the Desert Car Racing game 

This is a breathtaking race with 3 participants. Your mission is to drive your racing car to race with the other 2 players. You win when you reach the finish line first. In order to make sure that you can win, let's activate the nitro to pick up speed to overtake your opponents. In particular, you can prevent your enemies by pushing them out of the track. It will be time-consuming to return to the race. Note that, if you run off the path and fall into the space, you will be taken back to the track.

Drive your car to perform impressive drifts and car stunts. If you are the third driver to reach the finish line, the game is over. However, don’t give up. Click the Restart button to try it again. Try to drive as fast as possible to be the first one to cross the finish line.  You will claim a lot of money after getting a victory. Use the money you earn to exchange awesome trucks and muscle cars in the garage.

Come on! Play this game now to explore 10 challenging levels and improve your driving skills. You have to complete the previous level to unlock the next level. The level of success is rated 3 stars. The highest title you can win is 3 precious stars for each level.

Controls in Desert Car Racing

  • Press “ARROW KEYS” or “WASD’ keys to move
  • Press a “SPACEBAR” to activate the nitro


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