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Burning Rubber Crash N Burn

About Burning Rubber Crash N Burn

Burning Rubber Crash N Burn is a fun racing game where the goal is to top the leaderboard using fire and other weapons defeat your opponents and unlock cars

Burnin 'Rubber Crash N' Burn is a driving game in which the player has the ability to raze an entire metropolis. You are embarking on an incredible journey in the midst of this bustling metropolis. Since there are no consequences for your actions, you should attack everything and try to leave as quickly as possible. Are you prepared for this crazy ride in a city where the only thing holding you back is the sky?

This beautiful 3D game will give you 25 different missions for you to complete. The cars you'll drive are equipped with all the coolest features, such as acceleration and flash photography. Because of these really cool ingredients, you can complete each of these 25 tasks in just a few minutes.

Just go through the city as quickly as possible while keeping an eye out for objects or vehicles that you need to destroy. When you go too fast relative to your surroundings, you will run into inevitable problems. But no need to worry. As long as you can keep the bomb from going off in your car, you'll be fine.

Because this is how the rebels work, you'll actually get extra compensation in the form of extra coins for any damage you do to things in the nearby area. You can use these coins to improve your technology and pave the way to unlocking exciting new cars.

You can drive by using the WASD keys on the calculator or the arrow keys. You can fire your vehicle-mounted weapon by pressing the Z key and you can


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