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Rally Champ

About Rally Champ

Play Rally Champ to drive your car as fast as possible to overtake your rivals and cross the finish line. There are 4 different maps to explore!

Do you know the World Rally Championship? Do you want to participate in this international motorsport competition? Play this game now and it will turn your dream come true. Races at speed are always ready for you to participate in. These races will remind you of the thrilling races in Desert Car Racing. The uncompromising battle between cars will make you unable to stop playing.

Complete Thrilling races

You only can play 1 map in the Madalin Stunt Cars game and you want to find a new game with more adventures. Come to Rally Champ to explore and enjoy. In this game, you have a chance to take part in 4 maps of the Rally Championship. Your mission is to drive your racing car to reach the finish line. Drive as fast as possible to overtake your opponents. Look at the yellow arrows on the racetrack. Go across them to increase your speed. 

Moreover, you can hit other cars to knock them out of the race. When stabbed, other players can either get their teeth knocked out of the way or slow down. However, you may also be in danger. You can also slow down during this collision.

Furthermore, you can overtake your opponents by taking advantage of the bends. There are many different bends. If you complete the turn well, you will be able to accelerate and bot your enemies in the back. Note that you should avoid all barriers at the edge of the road. They will reduce your speed.

This game does not ask you to take the first position. You only need to complete the laps. However, the higher the rank, the greater your reward. Try your best to be the first driver to cross the finish line and get the highest possible score. 

Don’t forget to collect as many coins as possible along the way. In particular, at the destination, there is a large number of coins. Move to the finish line first to collect as much gold as possible. Use the coins you earn to upgrade the speed, grip, acceleration, and boost of your car. 

4 Trails with Championships

The Rally Champ game provides 4 maps for you to discover. There are Desert Dunes, Forest Trail, Mountain Tundra, and Lakeside Tour. Each map has a different difficulty and background.

  • In Desert Dunes, you will experience races at an easy level. The tracks don't have many turns and you run at a normal speed. Coming to this map, you will race on the roads through the desert which is full of sand and wind. The vast sand dunes always appear before your eyes. Besides, you will encounter obstacles from the light of the sun. In the desert, the sun will make you unable to see far because of its glare.
  • In Forest Trail, you will participate in races at a medium level. These races were somewhat more difficult than in the Desert Dunes. However, it is still easy to overcome it. On this map, you will enjoy the scenery of green mountains and forests. The dirt roads around the forest are your racetrack.
  • In Mountain Tundra, hard races are available. You will participate in races on snowy roads. Snow covers all roads. Be careful if you don't want to slip out of the way. On this map, you will have bends that challenge your driving ability.
  • In Lakeside Tour, you will experience thrilling races at the expert level. These races have sharp turns at high speed. You will run through them at high speed. Your car seems to lean to one side. With the view of the lakeside, you can also enjoy the wonderful scenery.

In particular, you will be able to experience many Championships. Complete 4 maps in Championships 1 to progress to Championships 2 and so on.

Controls: Press the left and right arrow keys to move.


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