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Draw Joust

About Draw Joust

Draw Joust is a great drawing and design game, fight your enemies by drawing a car of the right design and using different weapons.

In Draw Jous, your chances of winning or losing completely depend on how well you play the game. In this exciting action game, the outcome is entirely up to you and you alone are responsible for achieving it. Either you come out on top as a winner, or you accept defeat with dignity. In this uncompromising spear war, you should do everything you can to develop the best drawing design to destroy your opponents. Regardless of the outcome, you should give everything you have!

Your enemies will eventually find their way to the battlefield, it's just a matter of when. To ensure that your vehicle maintains stability, strength and durability for as long as possible, you need to use a well planned form. In this action-packed game focused on close combat, your ultimate goal is to design a reliable and tactical vehicle that can defeat your foes. To successfully complete this mission, all you need is a mouse and a brave heart.

To draw the vehicles, start the battle, defeat your opponents and pass the stages to win the game, use the mouse to drag and drop. With each win you will receive coins, which can be used to buy new weapon skins and skins for existing weapons, as well as increase your speed and lifespan. Be careful with your model and make sure that no weapon is missing from the picture at any point. In that case, after the match starts, the weapon will be automatically thrown to the ground. If possible, avoid drawing towering shapes as they are more likely to be destroyed when you attack them.

How to play

Please use mouse to play this game by drag and drop.


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