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Electron Dash

About Electron Dash

Electron Dash is a space running game, control your character to avoid dangers and run as far as possible and collect hearts.

At Electron Dash, you can pass the time by watching freak races. The characteristics of this game will not leave you unimpressed. Using all the features of the game is a blast. You may have seen one of these features in a previous game you played. However, it's rare to come across a game with as many notable features as this one. Let's play the game and investigate these important details!

You will transform into an astronaut and fly around the universe. On these roads, there are many dangers and challenges. The goal is to control this astronaut to overcome all challenges and get the highest score possible. You will sprint over the red fence. They are ubiquitous and often appear out of nowhere. Stay away from them if you want to complete the mission. You will lose the game if you hit one of these barriers.

You must also be aware of the platforms. The platform forms many holes and tunnels of different shapes. Some of the backgrounds are deathly bright blue. You can touch these platforms, but they will fall. To choose the optimal course of action, you must pay careful attention.

However, you should not worry about the complexity of the game. In this game you have a second chance to travel. Red heart is in your way. So that you can survive, collect it. After dying, you can respawn if you have any hearts. Try to collect as many hearts as possible. With the help of these hearts you can get a higher score.

You can track your own and other players' achievements through leaderboards. The scoreboard will show the best results for each day, week, month and overall. View leaderboards to compare your performance with other players. Then do your best to participate in this respectable review.

Move your character down a never-ending tunnel. Any side of the tunnel is open to exploration. You can also jump inside this tunnel to avoid hitting objects or rush straight into space. Entering space will end the game.

How to play

The game is easy to play the first time if you use the arrow keys on the keyboard or the AD key. Also, to help your character jump, you must use the spacebar, up arrow or the W key.


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