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Furious Road

About Furious Road

Furious Road is an exciting car-driving action game. In this game, your mission is to avoid colliding with obstacles and avoid being knocked down.

This game will give you exciting races with exciting adventures. Your car will participate in races on furious roads. Deadly roads! Here, there are many different dangers. You need to use your driving skills to pass the traffic. In particular, the background color of this game is dark brown. It's a bit dark. This seems to represent the danger and hardship that players are prepared to face.

How to play the Furious Road game

Your task is to control your car as far as possible and avoid being destroyed. You need to avoid hitting obstacles but rocks and broken vehicles on the road. You also need to avoid your opponents. Your opponents can shoot to kill you. You will die if hit 5 times. Therefore, avoid the obstacles and avoid the attack from the enemy. There's a tip for you to avoid the opponent's bullets. You should move as far away from your opponent as possible. It will be much easier for you to dodge the bullets when at a distance. Besides that, you can shoot back the opponents. If you hit your opponents, they will explode and die. 

However, your number of ammo is limited. You need to run as far as you can to collect more ammo. Take a close look and shoot the enemy. It is best if you can kill the enemy with 1 ammo. It will help you save ammo and avoid enemy attacks.

In addition, if you collide with obstacles or get hit, you will lose some health. When you run out of health, the game is over. You can follow the health bar at the top of the screen. Above the health bar is the energy bar. You also need to pay attention to this bar to buy energy in time. You can collect health or energy boxes on the track. Besides, you can shoot back enemies to destroy them.

More Information about Furious Road

Along the way, you can collect power-ups. These power-ups can restore your health or enhance your fighting ability.

The farther you run, the more dollars you get. Use this money to activate the weapons in the shop. You have two main weapons: Gun 1 and Gun 2. Especially, they are upgradeable. However, the amount is not cheap. Therefore, run hard to get as many dollars as you can.

The game has a simple gameplay and easy controls. The car will automatically move and you just need to use the left and right arrow keys or AD keys to move to the sides and press E to shoot enemies. Master the skills of your car to join thrilling races! If you want to find driving games with relaxing gameplay, you can try Madalin Stunt Cars.

Features of Furious Road

  • Attractive gameplay and easy control
  • Endless races and trying to get the highest score
  • Cool graphics and effects

This game is developed by Kiz10.com. You can easily play this game for free on our website. Besides, you can set many functions such as nationality, full-screen mode, sound, and view information about the game.


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