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Four In A Row

About Four In A Row

Four In A Row is a computational thinking game to get four balls of the same color in a row horizontally, downward or diagonally to win.

Playing this fascinating game will enhance your cognitive ability and strategic thinking. You must plan your strategy for each move if you want to overpower and defeat your opponent in a match. You must also keep a close eye on your opponent's every move to quickly analyze the benefits and drawbacks of their next move.

Have you ever played XO? This is also similar. When it's your turn, scan the board to see if there's a group of three disks facing in any direction. If you can block that fourth position, drop a piece. If you can't repair the space immediately, or if your piece is in the second row, try to avoid placing it below the successful position.

A component from the center column must also be included in any four-part series with a horizontal or diagonal center control. Therefore, the player who owns the turret has many opportunities to connect four opposing defenders together. In the middle of the early game, you will be able to make decisions with the support of most of the pieces.

Pay careful attention to your opponents. You should be able to infer your opponent's plan after a few games from the position of their pieces. Throughout each round, track their moves to determine what to do next. For example, if you see your opponent has arranged a two-person line with space on each side, block one of your colored faces. They will not be able to argue effectively on this point in the long run.

Just like in the game of chess, you must prepare your moves in advance to decide which play will help you win your opponent. When creating your strategy, consider how your opponent will react to your next move. If you keep an eye on one area of ​​the board, it's wiser to try to redirect your opponent by letting them hinder your progress elsewhere. Do you have any plans right now?

Check figure 7. Place your piece on '7' for a sure win. These three lines should ideally have intersecting horizontal and diagonal lines, with two gaps at each end of the horizontal line. You can complete the diagonal and win by doing the same after making your opponent fill in the blank at the end of the horizontal line.

Create a sequence of balls of the same color so that there are 4 of the same type. Your ball will be dropped onto the table column by mouse click or by clicking and dragging it there. You can win the game by placing 4 pieces in a certain pattern — horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Online opponents, computers and friends are some of the opponents.


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