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Super Bike The Champion

About Super Bike The Champion

Super Bike The Champion is an intriguing motorbike driving arcade game in which you need to control your vehicles to complete laps and unlock new skins.

Start the game by filling in your personal information in the profile. In the Profile section, you will find a place to enter your name and personal information such as money, stars, trophies, champions, runner-up, and race. To the left of the Profile section, you will see the Customize section. In this section, you can buy new suits, bikes, helmets, and boosts. Each item has a different design. You should coordinate and help your character have a special outfit bearing the personality. To the left of the Customize section, you can see the Career section. This section is where you start the official races. When you click on this item, you can see a map with many points you need to conquer. These points are different levels for you to experience. Let's start from the first level with its own map. Control the car and conquer each map. You need to complete the previous level before proceeding to the next level.

In order to steer your vehicle, you need to use WASD keys or arrow keys to move. Press the spacebar to revive and press the C key to change the camera and viewing angle.

Features of Super Bike The Champion

  • The exciting driving adventure game
  • Singleplayer
  • Conquer various maps and levels
  • Unlock new items for your character

Controls in Super Bike The Champion

  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • Space to respawn
  • C to change the camera view


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