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Basketball Stars

About Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is the ultimate basketball game where you can show your shooting ability like famous basketball stars.

MadPuffers has created a thrilling basketball game for two players. Take on a tough competition by choosing your team. To win the game, command your guy to create spectacular dunks and 3 pointers. To knock your opponent down and take possession of the ball, feel free to block and slap him. Also, pay attention to the supershot bar at the top of the screen because when it's fully loaded you can use the particularly hot ball from any position.

The thrilling action of basketball is brought into your home through the popular video game Basketball Star. The audience's applause encouraged the crew, thereby helping to raise morale. Prepare to meet your opponent by entering the field. Will you beat your determined opponents by scoring more points than them? Your Dunks will fall into the basket!

Under the bright lights of the basketball court, the clean new floors sparkled, and the air was filled with the ecstatic cheers of the crowd. You need to start the game because everyone is waiting. In this competitive game your goal is to beat your opponent by accumulating more points in each game.

You can compete with a friend or play the game alone. Three game options are available when playing alone. Start a random match or join a tournament and try to win. You can use training mode to get used to the controls and game mechanics if you think you need a little practice. By sharing your keyboard with your friends, you can play this game together. You can play against others or form a team for a computer controlled confrontation. Choose your favorite team, use a power up strategy and win the game!

How to play

You can use arrow keys or WASD keys to move around. Use both K and Z keys to make a super shot. Use X key to shoot. Use Arrow = move/jump, Down Arrow = block/pump. Use the X key to steal the ball and the S or down arrow key to block other players.


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