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Danger Dash

About Danger Dash

Danger Dash is an adventure game where the player must avoid hazards and collect bonuses to pass the stages.

You have to move as far and as fast as possible in Danger Dash game. As a daring hunter, you are now surrounded by wild animals and start to behave properly when suddenly scary tigers start chasing you. You have to start running as if there is no tomorrow to escape the tigers. A runner game for brave players to push their reflexes through a dangerous downhill environment and rise to the top. You will need to get out of the bushes, overcome many obstacles in the deserted city and fight to survive in the bizarre temple. Only a true athlete can get through this!

Enjoy the thrill of being around dangerous large tigers chasing you. All that's left to do is keep running as fast as you can to stop the tigers from catching up with you. This will not be as easy as it is portrayed, needless to say. The paths are full of holes, logs and other hazards that can trip you right in the middle of this deep forest. You will not be seen again when you attack the earth. You must always pay attention to obstacles when running.

To avoid them, you can quickly change lanes, jump over them and slide under them, or jump over and jump under them. As you climb the levels of the leveling system, don't forget to collect the coins you need to increase your chances of survival. To find out how much you will need to spend on different goods to improve your operations, just click on the shop button. Also, keep a diary of your successes in the targeted area and track your growth!

How to play

You can use the mouse to participate in the game. The arrow keys on the keyboard allow you to change lanes, go down, or jump.


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