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Death Race Monster Arena

About Death Race Monster Arena

Death Race Monster Arena is a 3D racing game. In one of the four game types available, fasten your seat belt and unleash the power of your monster truck.

In Death Race Monster Arena, stick to the monster's path and let go of the joystick. Harsh and dangerous missions are the focus of this game.

Because these vehicles are monster trucks, they are not toys, they are strong and deadly. With the most dangerous monster trucks ever, get ready to experience pure excitement. You can choose to participate in fierce races, free driving excursions or derby matches. All of this is possible with a multitude of monster vehicles that you can buy with in game money and gold. Choose your vehicle and game mode, then choose to start this journey.

The four main game modes in this driving simulator are as follows. By setting goals that you set for yourself in free driving mode, you can enjoy the feeling of driving with 3D visualization in the sandbox arena that will give you different zones of the land. In match mode, you can engage in combat with your opponent to accomplish a certain goal.

In racing mode, you will have the opportunity to participate in a traditional race where you have to finish first. Finally, challenge mode will give you dangerous challenges. Thanks to the 2 player option, you can play with a friend on the same computer.

How to play

Arrow keys can be used to drive. For nitro speed, press the shift key. To change the camera angle, press the C key. To scroll back. press the R key to look back. To slide the car to drift, use the spacebar.


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