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Draw Rider

About Draw Rider

Draw Rider is a special combination of sketching and speed. You must first design a route before accelerating. It's time to show off your skills.

Get ready for the craziest and funniest race ever created with Draw Rider! If you let us paint your tires, we'll give you an edge in the race. Does the thought of it make you feel strange? Then let's get right in and see where this leads, shall we? There was a big explosion!

This is not your usual racing game by any means! Your possibility of a draw puts us in a better position to win today than our competitors. Are you interested in finding out what the outcome will be? Then start the game by pressing the play button, and immediately start sketching! In this game, your goal is to use your car to win the opponent in each level, but this time you have to build your own tires. To get optimum performance from your vehicle, you must ensure that it is always fitted with the proper tyres.

In some parts of the game you have to jump over giant statues, while in other parts you have to break boxes. You will even have the ability to drive your vehicle on the river! Therefore, it is in everyone's best interest to change tires before going on specific routes. For example, if you catch a round tire in the river, your opponent may be one step ahead of you at this point! The current state of the race will always be displayed at the top of the screen. Don't forget to pick up coins; you will need them for some later improvements of the game. Are you confident with the drawings you have created? If that's the case, you won't have any competition in this contest! There was a big explosion!

Instructions on how to play Draw Rider:
To win the race you have to draw your wheel.


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