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About Duckpark.IO

Duckpark.IO is a competitive running game for multiplayer. In this game, you have to control a duck to overcome waterslides and reach the swimming pool first.

Welcome to the high-speed racing game with adorable ducks! Your task is to control the duckling to run to the pool first and win. To control the duck, you can use the mouse or press the left and right arrow keys to adjust the direction. The duck will automatically move forward. During the race, you can run through the blue arrows to increase speed. You can also knock other ducks off the track. However, you need to be careful because other players can do the same to you.

This game gives you a special ability. You can jump off the waterslide and you will still be safe if you jump off another water slide. This will create ranking surprises because you won't know if any players will jump and get ahead of you. You can also use this ability to overcome your opponents. However, it is dangerous because you will die if you accidentally fall to the ground instead of the water slide.

The game will race you to intense matches with 8 other players. Control the duckling very carefully and reach the finish line first to win. Good luck!

Controls in Duckpark.IO

  • Use your mouse or arrow keys to control your character.

Features of Duckpark.IO

  • Attractive gameplay and easy controls 
  • Colorful graphics and cool effects
  • Multiplayer


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