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Jelly Shift

About Jelly Shift

Jelly Shift is a nice and fun game where you have to put a piece of jelly in different shaped portals and just fit it, can you complete this mission?

It's your job to get your cute jelly over each obstacle as fast as you can in this super fun and fast paced casual platformer. To squeeze your jelly over the bars, under the bars, and on the track as smoothly and quickly as possible, follow the directions and switch up and down. The only jelly that gets all the stars is the slickest of them all!

There are many stages in this game and each stage requires you to navigate an obstacle course made up of various turns, obstacles of all sizes and other very interesting elements.

Use the up and down arrows to change its appearance. To overcome the barriers, the jelly needs to be formed appropriately. Swipe up and down to turn into jelly and reach your destination. You have to slide your finger up and down to change the shape of the object to match the shape of the bridge. However, touching one of the barriers will result in your death. Can you get through all the different challenges fast enough to avoid them? Click here to join us in the game!

How to play

The game can be played with the mouse or using the arrow keys.


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