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Math Memory Match

About Math Memory Match

Math Memory Match is a math based memory training game. Try to identify a matching revealed card pair.

Initially like number recognition and basic addition and subtraction were introduced through a math game. With the help of graphics, which provide a helpful hint, the child grasps important math basics by matching the sum to its answer. Playing games while learning together makes learning fun and collaborative. Playing with family or friends is a great way to teach children about sharing, cooperation, and taking turns.

To determine a matching revealed card pair, you don't need to make any predictions. On the back of some cards playing on the board have mathematical expressions, while others have numbers. The result of the given equation is each number.

Just figure out the expression and locate the other card in the deck with the same number before you click one. You reveal both cards if their values are the same, otherwise you lose one of your remaining three lives. To pass the level you have to match every card on the board.

How to play

To play this game, use a trackpad or mouse.


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