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Top Speed Racing 3D

About Top Speed Racing 3D

In game Top Speed ​​Racing 3D, your goal is to improve your driving skills while completing a variety of optional side quests set throughout the city.

Prepare yourself for the most exciting and difficult time you've ever had. Your mettle will be tested by insurmountable challenges of any kind or extent. The amazing tricks will come naturally to you and you will be able to do them easily.

Once you have reached your goal and have enough money, you will be able to modify your vehicle. All of the following are subject to change: rims, color, window box, vinyl, LED lights and metal finishes. Plus, you'll be able to buy a new luxury car! There are more than fifteen different games in the 'thrill game' category, each offering a unique combination of terrain, handling and speed. The vehicle's acceleration can also be improved by upgrading components such as the turbocharger, tires, engine, suspension and nitro.

You are the only one present! Therefore, you are free to go anywhere you like on the road! To progress further in the game and earn more coins, your goal is to complete as many perfect spins as possible while driving as far as possible. Your ability to drift can improve with practice, despite the fact that it may seem difficult at first. To get started, just hit the play button if you're ready to break all the rules behind the wheel. The goal of this game is for you to perform the most impressive drifts, reach the highest speed and successfully complete the checkpoints of each level.

A wide range of possible configurations for you
Vivid, attractive three-dimensional graphics
Intuitive controls
Entertaining, addictive role-playing game

To play this game, all you need to do is use the arrow keys to play, your control skill will be enhanced through one on the first play.


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