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Ultimate Mario Run

About Ultimate Mario Run

Ultimate Mario Run is super fun game, in this game a very dangerous giant black cannonball is chasing you, so run away if you want to survive.

Prepare yourself to enjoy a whole new adventure with Mario and his friends in Ultimate Mario Run! To complete each level, you must race against time and a giant black cannonball is following you. The cannonball is consuming everything in its path including the level you're playing on, so you have to move fast to avoid being devoured. Jump cautiously and keep your distance from the cannonballs.

If you don't jump over the countless obstacles and small monsters on your way, the game will end abruptly. Before you start, you'll see a tutorial to learn how to play. Children can also play this game. It is suitable for people of all ages. Players can have a lot of fun with this game after a long day. Can you get Mario to safety and complete each level?

There are five progressively difficult stages in the game. However, keep in mind that you can only access a new level after successfully completing the previous one. You can also choose the character you want to role play which will be a modern 3D model of Mario or a classic 2D pixel Mario.

How to play

Mario can only be controlled with the four arrow keys. No additional powers or special effects. If you want to jump, use Up Arrow Key.


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